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Fisher Custom Homes is building a Luxury Custom Home in Paradise Valley, AZ.  These pictures show the progress that has been made onsite in a nine-month span. This home is a very difficult project, as it is nestled on a mountain with a very steep grade. Hillside projects demand special structural attention and expertise. Further, the topography is rocky so the excavation process takes longer and needs more care than a flat-land lot. The framing on this home is comprised of both masonry and wood. The masonry retaining walls and lower level framing are specially enforced for additional structural integrity and stability. Then wood framing is built on top of the masonry for the main and upper levels of this home. Scrolling through these pictures, we can see the rough framing develop into the shape of what the completed home will look like. In the most recent picture, the fascia lining the roof adds color to the rough frame.

Fisher Custom Homes is an Arizona Custom Luxury Home Builder that specializes in the North Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas. The current design trends derived from the Mediterranean to the southwest favorites of Santa Fe and Pueblo are extensions of our historical company palette. Thoughtful planning to incorporate the natural elements and diverse topography unique to each home site, in concert with the individuality of the homeowner, produces a beautiful, one-of-a-kind home. Because building a dream home is an emotional and personal process, we work with only those who invest the time to personally review their preferred lifestyle and their expectations with us. Our clients come to us with discretionary and discriminating taste. Whether looking for a private getaway retreat, an entertaining oasis, a comfortable sanctuary, or all of the above, our clients look to us to capture in stone and mortar what they sense within.