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This Luxury Custom Home in Paradise Valley is just over halfway complete. The footings for the driveway have just been poured. With this lot’s steep grade, the footings have to stair-step up the drive. In previous weeks we have seen the master bedroom fireplace framed in. This week the fireproof surround is added to the framing and fire box.  With the framing complete, now the roof is added. Beautiful baked enamel metal fascia adorns the perimeter of the roof. Breathtaking views peak around the southeast corner of the home. Throughout the project, the front elevation view can be seen as the home progresses. Again, the roof is installed with the fascia lining the outside of the home. The modern design is shining out with the rear elevation view. The geometric shapes of the shell give us a clear picture of what the final contour of the home will be. A bundle of rebar is located at the front of the home where the entry wall and gate system will be installed more near the end of the project. Inside the home, a stairwell from the main floor to the upper floor has been built. This home has three levels. The staircase from the basement to the main floor is yet to be built.

Breaking ground just a few weeks ago at this North Scottsdale Custom Home in DC Ranch, we have progressed onto site walls. The front retaining walls are complete, and are built on a steep grade nestled on the mountain. Large mounds of spoils from the retaining wall footings sit on site waiting to be exported by the graders. This home site is deep and rocky, so the excavation has been an arduous part of this first phase of building. Masonry blocks and dry mix of mortar are onsite ready for building more site walls. The retaining walls will be built in four-foot vertical lifts. The first tier of the rear retaining walls are in progress.

Fisher Custom Homes is an Arizona Custom Luxury Home Builder that specializes in the North Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas.