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Fisher Custom Homes is an Arizona Custom Luxury Home Builder that specializes in the North Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas. We offer custom builds, remodels, and land acquisition expertise just to name a few of our services. Having served the North Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas for forty years, clients come to us seeking knowledgeable staff and quality advice. Our years of experience have been built upon a simple philosophy of Building Nice Homes for Nice People. Our reputation is the foundation of our success, one that we stand behind and live beside. We live where we work – we are your next door neighbors. Fisher Custom Homes, with AKA Architecture, harnesses the creative dynamics of the client and design/build team to generate excitement in the process of creating a one-of-a-kind custom home. Successfully meeting your needs and creating a symbol of pride for you remains our first priority. The reward that makes the journey worthwhile: to stand before a unique custom home that reflects the personality of its owner.

We completed a remodel at a North Scottsdale Custom Home in DC Ranch. The clients completely remodeled two of their bathrooms. Contractors must be very mindful when it comes to remodels because the construction conditions have to be pleasant enough for the clients to live among while the project is in process. Trying to schedule actual demolition and remodeling time around the clients’ schedules is a key factor. Completing the work as quickly as possible and with the utmost quality is also very important. Clients who ask us to remodel their homes want their residence disturbed as minimally as possible. In these before and after pictures we get a clear view of what the bathrooms looked like after the demolition took place, and how lovely the finished product looks. Bathroom 2 has a beautiful, light feel with a white cabinet and accessories, stainless steel shower fixtures, and large, pale tile trimmed with blue tile ribbons. Bathroom 3 is more of a dramatic look with the large dark tiles in the shower, slate grey walls and stainless steel fixtures. The glass blocks allow natural sunlight to shine in on this newly remodeled North Scottsdale Custom Home bathroom.